Domestic work is one of the oldest professions among other “oldest professions. I love giving a caption from the bible in Exodus 2 v 9 whereby Pharaohs daughter engages a maid for baby Moses and promises to pay her for her services. This is evidence enough of the profession being in existence since time immemorial. I have been blessed enough to find my passion in this profession. My father , mhdsrip, instilled a writing and reading culture in me from a very early age. I enjoy a good read and i also enjoy writing. I have also been blessed to run a maids business which makes me interact a lot with both employers and employees. Both have very interesting stories to tell. It is some of these that i will share. A lot will also be my views from my experience and my education. The main purpose is to enjoy a good read but importantly to learn one on two things from it. Enjoy, and when you do read do share!!! Lets spread the gospel of good domestic work.

Till then xoxo