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Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

the birth of my son, kkkk i guess i could not believe i was having a child! my own and such a small but beautiful little human came out of me…and i missed the belly kicks now that he was out .

Last week of September 2013, i FINALLY get my license to operate my business. I could not believe that after all these years of planning ,i finally get this single paper to start my business. I was beyond happy, i was ecstatic lol. My hubby was pleased that i had done it. Little did  i know that this was the beginning of the start ,no one had told me that a start had its own start too…

Suddenly it dawned on me, i had to start ‘operating’ the business now. I needed office furniture, an office person as i was full time employed and most important ,i had to get the business known. All this needed money and money was not something i had. Firstly, the furniture, God intervened ,as always, Somehow ,the landlord gave me an office with a chair and a table! yea! i could start somewhere hey. I was fully employed somewhere and could not go to the office full-time. i had to find someone who understood the business ,shared my passion and was good with customers. on top of this, i had to pay the person but the fact was i could not afford it.:( we discussed with husband and agreed we find a relative to do the job. TO this relative we would explain our money position and hope they would agree to this arrangement. We identified his cousin as a potential “employee” only to be told she had left the country. My second option was an in-law who understood what the job entailed but lacked the qualifications and a lot more. However, she was available ,willing , eager, and most importantly she had a background that could relate to the persons to be involved in the business. i decided to take her because she was someone with a disadvantaged background and could be empowered through this job. Mostly , i loved her eagerness to learn. I took her in, explained how the business worked and what it involved. It was a mammoth task considering her low literacy rate. However, her enthusiasm covered for what ever she lacked. we agreed to work on commission , meaning she will get paid for her effort. This way , we both benefit and she becomes a partner of some sought. I am glad to say she is progressing, though slowly but she is getting there. My furniture and employee issue sorted, now came the marketing, the hubby, the opposition and my work!!!! that in the next writing!

I guess the entrepreneurial spirit has been in me for a long time. I have been a JCI Past President and had the fire in the belly. However, after multiple trials and errors i finally took the plunge and made the important and faith testing step. I decide to do business seriously and formally. Had i known the challenges that lay ahead!!! It might sound like a cliche but its very true, the best way to do business is to do something you are passionate about. I love my profession , i love working with people , above all i love helping people. Deciding to do a maids agency was a God revelation. One of those beautiful moments when God reveals to you the ideal idea. So there i was with nothing but passion and very little money. My first hurdle was the requirements of our country’s law to register an agency, talk f a mamoth task. These i found to be so difficult to meet and it took me 2 years to fully appreciate and 2 months of full brainstorming and searching. they needed offices to inspect and where would i get them, 3 rooms,on no money! but again ,God showed he is in control. I found very reasonable offices and helpful inspectors. The norm is that you pay bribes to pass inspection but i did not have to do that, faith was my bribe. I passed the inspection and was over the moon. Now to pay rent and employ someone and to manage the business whilst employed full time and being a wife and mom. This is another story for another day as we get broke, hubby tells me to quit and boss is unhappy with me being entrepreneurial…….and my dream looks its gonna starts before it grows!!!! next time..