It feels good to be back on the electronic pen once again, having been tempted by the white collar world. As they say once a writer always a writer. I promise never to leave you dear keyboard!!!
So there is this South African Facebook group i joined where maids looking for jobs met bosses looking for maids. I saw an interesting post by one South African lady. Although it was written in broken English, she simply was complaining about how the South African employers preferred Zimbabwean and Lesotho maids over their own. What followed there was an interesting read. I was particularly proud of my Zimbo sisters who answered in perfect English and some in perfect Zulu (yes i know perfect Zulu when i see it!). The post generated a heated debate which was so interesting but could easily be tamed xenophobic. The Zimbabweans explained that firstly, they were more hardworking than South Africans because they have a purpose and know the situation back home requires them to work hard. The Lesotho sisters joined in saying the South Africans where too spoilt relying on grants hence they put in little effort at work. Another comment was that the locals where so choosy only wanting high paying jobs yet the foreigners did not care so much about very high wages but simply needed a paying job. Another point that came out was the issue of good manners and good behavior by foreigners. That i would not even dispute. In Zimbabwe we grew up by the whip and the electric cord hence respect is part of our DNA. What intrigued me the most was how the South African employers even agreed that they preferred Zimbabweans and Sotho maids. One Zimbabwean sister further went on to explain that they might be maids in South Africa but back home they also had nice homes and that they were also educated. The thread was indeed interesting but it was also saddening. From the chat , one could see how low our sisters have sunk. The situation in Zimbabwe is so bad that the educated sisters are choosing to be maids. Like it or not, in our African context, educated people are not expected to be maids. But here they are, not worried about minimum wage but simply want a job. I remember on the Kuwait saga, the majority of the ladies who where trafficked where not originally maids but desperate women who where willing to work as maids in Kuwait and ended up as victims of human trafficking. I also began to see how xenophobic attacks start.How safe are our sisters in this foreign land? It is my prayer that the so called new dispensation brings about change that will impact on the domestic workers sector. My dream is to see professional maids, driven by passion not by circumstances or poverty. Domestic work should be a choice career ,respected enough to be recognized so. In the meanwhile, Egoli ama Zimbo lama Sotho will rule the roost for now!!!