This past week has been an eye opener or rather a reminder. I have come to realize that there are two types of maids based on their background. I interviewed three women who made me thinking about the kind of maids we had. One had very good O Level passes whilst another had A Levels. The other one was already in school taking a course in baking. They where all however looking for employment as maids.It then seriously dawned on me that domestic work is never a first choice employment but rather a last resort solution to a problem. So many maids, if not all where forced by circumstances to search for this type of work. Rarely do we find someone growing up and dreaming of becoming a maid. May be in developed countries but for us Africans no.Domestic work is considered a low class job for uneducated, poor and desperate people. It is because of mindset that employers abuse their workers. Most workers allow this because they are surely desperate. However, there is emerging a new crop of domestic workers who have resigned themselves to be domestic workers for life. Despite how they became maids they now have decided it will be their profession. This is mostly with the mature uneducated woman. They do not even dream of having any other job but are very comfortable as maids.For them it is the only job that they qualify for. On the other hand there is the young and still planning maids. One that has been orphaned, a school dropout or a child marriage victim. This one becomes a maid so that the job pushes them to their next step step in life. The job becomes a fundraising stepping stone for them as they also want to purse other avenues in life. The story is however not the same ,some have good education but no career guidance hence we see an educated maid in the home. Knowing one maids’ background can help someone understand them better.During an interview ask them their past and also their future plans. Also not every maid is uneducated, no. As an employer it is also good to encourage your maid to develop themselves. There is a going maid or a stay maid. No your maid. Till then God bless.