There is a saying in our Shona language that says n’anga haizvirapa. Directly translated it simply means that a traditional healer can never cure them-self. This means that sometimes no matter how good you are with something, at times you can lose in that field. This reminds me of Prophets with crippled children or scientists who die of illness. Only a few days ago, i was again reminded of this phrase. It was on Friday evening when i arrived from work. I was resting waiting to proceed to church for an evening event. My maid then summoned me and announced that her family had called her home so that she reconciles with her husband. You see, when i employed her, she was separated from her husband and desperate for a job. Now she wanted to get back together with her husband and she wanted to leave immediately. With my two kids and a hectic program , surely how could she say immediately. I rightly told her that she could not leave that very moment because i was leaving for church. I told her she could only leave in the morning. The following morning by 6 am she was up and knocking on my bedroom door to say bye.I wished her well and i did not bother to search her bags as is done by most. Before, i could even turn and continue with my winter sleep, i heard her ask for her salary!!!! Seriously, it was just a week into a new month and only 8 hours had passed since her notifying me of her wanting to leave. With the money problems in the country did she really expect me to have cash on me at that moment. Although, i am conversant with the labour laws, at that particular moment i really appreciated the signing of contracts. An employment contract states the notice period upon termination of contracts. So many maids resign unceremoniously and when you need them the most. I ended up going with my kids to work on this day. A contract serves both the employer and the employee. I am a maid specialists but i also get disappointed by maids. N’anga haizvirapi . Till then God bless.