A few days ago i laughed my lungs out watching a video by one local celebrity depicting the domestic work scenario. In this particular segment, the maid wakes up and takes her laundry outside. Whilst in the middle of washing, she then suddenly remembered it was a public holiday. She immediately downs her tools, there and there and goes straight to her servants quarters to sleep. The boss decides to go outside only to find the abandoned laundry. As she searches for her maid, she finds her neatly tucked in bed , claiming that it is an abomination for her to work on a public day.

I was reminded of this video today when one maid asked me when she is allowed to get leave because she never gets leave days. As the holidays draw near, most maids are not sure to be happy or to be sad. One lady was saying that her boss actually told her that they need her more during the festive season. I wondered whether bosses realize that maids also have families that need them during Christmas. Our generation is now full of lazy women that can not function without domestic help. We can not cook, feed or bath our own children. With all the technology to help us we still struggle, yet our mothers survived on less. Our grandmothers even had less privileges , many children but still managed to raise all 11 children single handled.

Holidays are for everyone, for all employees , the maids included. The sad thing is most employers do not even give them adequate off days or leave days during the year but still want them to work during the Christmas holidays. Please, allow the maids time with their families but importantly their bodies need rest too. This is the time to plan alternative domestic solutions. Allow the usual maid to rest during the festive period , if you need extra help, get a temporary maid. Should you really really need your usual maid, then be willing to compensate her through overtime payment or allow her to go on holiday after Christmas.

Holidays are for everyone….maids included.