Today we start on our first topic on Childcare. As a mum, it is very important that you become aware of these milestones. By so doing you are also able to teach your baby minder about the milestones and what is expected out them. You can share the lessons with your baby minder because the information is better when shared hey. Our first milestone is 1 to 3 months.
At 1-3 months of age, babies begin the transformation from being a totally dependent newborn to becoming an active and responsive infant. Many of the newborn reflexes are lost by this age. A baby’s vision changes dramatically; s/he becomes more aware and interested in his/her surroundings. The human face becomes more interesting, as do bright, primary-colored objects. A baby might follow a moving object, recognize familiar things and people at a distance, and start using his/her hands and eyes in coordination. At this age, babies usually turn toward familiar voices and smile at their parent’s faces or other familiar faces. They also begin to coo (make musical vowel sounds, such as ooo or aaa). The neck muscles become stronger during these first few months. At first, babies can only hold their heads up for a couple of seconds while on their stomachs. The muscles are strengthened each time the head is held up. By 3 months of age, babies lying on their stomachs can support their heads and chests up to their forearms. Arm and hand movement develops fast during this stage. What was once a tight, clenched fist is now an open hand grabbing and batting at objects. Babies explore their hands by bringing them in front of their face and putting them in their mouths.
For our next lesson, we will share the baby’s skills at 1 to 3 months.